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The papular elevations seem to become effaced and, as it were, to

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secured the femoral artery on the fourth^ Increased Mortality causedhy the Masemt'

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with little difficulty; expected she would die soon; she recovered, and in

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used to continue relief activities abroad. The Rocke-

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three cases illustrating cerebral palsy. The first was of the nature of

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very important observations of Mr. Rumsey. Xo one can

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oz., tincture of cantharides (as above) 1 dr., powdered cinnamon

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assurance that he was quite well, he looked as if he had not

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(5.) While primary malignant or cancerous growths are of extremely

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Berl., 1893, xix, 394. — Ijejars. Traitement op6ratoire

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a very useful one in amputations, and whenever else it is necessary to arrest

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the glands in different parts of the body are apt to enlarge, and

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abdomen and failed to find any perforation, acute stage of typhoid fever duringconvales-

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matter, and all its train of fearful consequences. Even suppose

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&oial neuralgia. Among the cases described by Somherg^ in one

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After having been unable to clear up the diagnosis of

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elevated by over-action of the trapezius muscle. The paralysis is flaccid,

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not fair to ourselves or to our patients. It has been Avell said that we

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pills, or small doses of quinine, may be recommended, and locally a

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(Case No. 703,885), nineteen years of age, for three or four weeks had