leacocythemia ; but the leucocytes present in the blood have been of

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add to the term, as is often done, the adjectives good, excellent, etc. ; and,

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six months— one by Dr. Boeck, one by Mr. Gascoyen, one by him-

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of the aorta also presented a great number of bony plates. Abdomen. The

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aON N. Ellis, M. D., Laryngology ; Joseph T. Walling-

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be far more freely used than in adults, or in cases of lamellar

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year ; one fatal case has already occurred among the men of

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quantity of water in the blood and solids is limited, and as in this dis^

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attached to the aponeurosis by two or three came on. On the fifth day he was admitted

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dentally, it may be noted, that the mystery and perplexity of

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immediate cause can, as a rule, be detected, though in some cases moral

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and Warden of the College of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

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diagnosis of disease. The clinical productions of M. Andral are well

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the forceps through the thinnest portion of the fascia,

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first fifty years of its existence, exerted relatively little

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the following measures : i. It is best to go to bed at once,

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The object of this additional year is to fiumish to those stu-


crowded with puerperal patients ; 4th. By certain epidemic influences ; 5th.

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involved. Usually the anesthesia begins at the distal end of the nerve

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in a case of implantation of sponge in the orbit after

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tions and enlargement of the gall-bladder, which, in time, becomes

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dant clinical evidence that electricity could act similarly,

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« Untersuchungen iiber die bakteriziden und entwickelungshemmenden Wirkungen

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ature dropped from 105° F. to 99° F., and then remained

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when we depend upon cathartics or emetics, or both, we only

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layer of moist air and a wet, clammy surface, so that the risk of

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sediment of hemoglobin debris of a chocolate color. On spectroscopic

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attack was preceded by a well marked fit of . hysterical weeping ;

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working and sleeping hours. The giddiness, when severe, causes nausea and

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at the best it may prolong life, but with a local discomf o"rt that

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The pulse is from the first very rapid, reaching from no to 150

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at 7 P.M. : temperature, 98°; pulse, 48; amount of urine

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hat in certain cases the gonococmis may really be the

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"Again, a surgeon must endeavor to control his temper;

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chronic inflammatory conditions involving especially the capsule of Olisson

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tassse, allowed it to settle, and pouring off the supernatant fluid, we

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2. Indigestion in Dairy Cows. — I keep a herd of Jersey

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connected with the views of its Institution, I have

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imperfect, that such statements must not be readily accepted.

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part, to be explained by the co-existence of affections which may have

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lodging hi ^e biUaiy duets, the pelris of the kidneys, or the ureters. 3. An irritant near the hepatic plexus, fhiai

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passage of blood from the arteries in the capillaries, and notable dicrotism.

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special disadvantage lies in the variations which dif-