(Gross' Surgery, 1st Edition, vol. ii, page 1150.) In the case

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St. Louis, Missouri, stated that after considerable

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internal ear to j'.viation was beautifully illustrated

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this reason, the large globe was selected, which, in the sequel,

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the tube, in the outer end of the tube, in the course

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you think best." Ghlorofoim was then administered, and as he

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to all port of debarkation surgeons and debarkation

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pincers. A light blister applied to the coronet where


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The prognosis in this disease is uniformly grave and disheart-

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day after the accident, a dextrinrtte 1 bandage, fixing the hand of

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extraordinary vital ankylosis affecting his spine — especially

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moiditis always accompanying the frontal sinusitis.

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splints in the majority of cases, but the treatment

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The attachments of the placenta to the walls of the

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(4) Skutsch. Zeitschrift. fur Geb. und Gjn. 1899. xl., s. 3-53.

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on the affected side usually stands backward with the

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head or body from side to side, often for an hour at a

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kidneys have already done their best to relieve the relative

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not more than four weeks' duration, and two were adults

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an individual will learn and profit from experiences

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with disastrous results to himself and, frequently,

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milk diluted one -third with boiled water. In this milk

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Microscopic examination. — The ovary is normal. The cord

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on board, a period of more than a week. The steamship Illinois

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further attempt is not allowed. Von Pirquet's skin reaction

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likely to contract the disease than those in thin flesh.

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September 13, 1912, six days after delivery, three hours

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as these restrictions may seem they are nothing like

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would be 15 ,315. If two-thirds of these require immediate

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Dugald Stewart, Herschell, Ruete, Graefe, Ilays, and numerous

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ysis of the muscles of the larynx, together with one

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the skin and the lungs will normally be balanced by the

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with trench life excepting the conditions made pos-

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opinion as to the nature of the condition. He appears to

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the advantages of this methoa over chloroform anaesthesia, in this

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bony structure. The bone becomes increased in size,

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turia, high fever, and rapid, hard pulse, dusky facies,

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1894 Wynne, Albert E., M.D., Univ. Dub., L.K.C.P. & S. Edin., F.ll.C.S.,

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three stools ; feels much debilitated, with much soreness through

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retention. When we look at the contorted shape of the

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ol)served cases in the practice of men, such as Sir Ranald Martin,

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sistants were a part of the rigorous operative rout-

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thrombosis of the pelvic veins terminating in the death

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by a well-known obstetrician that he had never seen a case