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Ho. precipitates were formed in the homologous combinations

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%j^^ Students are requested, on their arrival in this city, to call at the College and register their

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chlorid solution. In mounts from this material the appearances were

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7. Increased or diminished tension of the wall (by means of increased pressure

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emetic IS thrown into the blood after the removal of the

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the urethra and vagina while Skene's glands show no

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Symptoms are eitlier subjective or objective. Subjective symptoms are

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diseased condition — in which the will is prostrate

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Properties. — Colorless, translucent, moiioclinic. prisms,

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present in the ejaculate of 24, representing a patency rate of 89%. Preg-

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ploy stimulants which induce in the system a diseased

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results obtained. His article descriptive of the process also

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that practice having for its l)asisthe idea that law is a

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respiratory muscles were involved so that his speech was a series of explosions

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practice in laboratories for work upon books and at-

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Horse-pox, but we hardly think that many medical readers will

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of the fact at the time the article is sent to us ; (2) accepted articles

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A large majority of them get well. Fully 90 per cent, recover. It

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companion gases " in appreciable amounts must run into

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be described by the physician; but in this case the door was

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tion in the Maritime Provinces of the Dominion. In 1896, Dr.

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ment of the intestines, and ascribed to other causes, and

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the same neuralgic element as is found in the pain that

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in some cases a permanent paresis, which may affect

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are applicable in the main to the other forms of chronic hepatitis. If,

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Connecticut, 17 ; District of Columbia, 6 ; Illinois,

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Gowers, Charcot, Fournier, Westphal, Oppenheim, and Rumpf stand out

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and should reach in front from the pubes to the top of the sternum.

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tion the amoeboid cells of the mucous coat become filled

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Definition. — An acute febrile infection occurring in epidemics, and

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bone which is characteristic of these pathological condi-

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College of Medicine. Excellent new faculty were re-

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We are deeply gratified to learn that there is at last hope of a re-