and Si. Joseph's (Catholic) Hospitals. He, also, was
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is illustrated in cicatricial stenosis of the oesophagus. Here the ingestion of
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and I could distinctly feel the pulsation of the aorta. The
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New York: Fords, Howard, & Hulbert, 1885. 456 pp.
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original case is enough for him : he does not desire to complicate
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A Text-Book of Materia Medica, Characteristic, Analytical, and Com-
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was the first American surgeon to perform successfully and
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with enemata. It was impossible to throw more than a few
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can be hoped for by any such means as those quoted above,
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are more than ever liable to the disease, as has already been said. It is not
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be able to digest it; and the consequence would be, you would
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the author of several other subjects of a general nature, his articles
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been damaged, we should make an axial incision which
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ference. Really, one does not see what other course he
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impression on it with my uterine dressing-forceps. The os was
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" Points in Office Practice in the Treatment of the Dis-
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surgeons a path they should resolutely follow. Here is no
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2. General progressive paralysis at the critical stage.
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ear is satisfactorily and concisely set forth, together with quite
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Graefe's cataract-knife, as usual, without the least evidence of
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generally adopted. His contributions to medical litera-
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of fifteen months, which in those days and until a few years ago in-
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which bears date of the latter part of the seventeenth cen-
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the ground, where he lay unconscious, in which condition he had
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She spent a year travelling in the West and Northwest,
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How can we accept these facts, and yet believe that a gargle
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the public garden of Boston. But this statue to Dr. Sims
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practitioner from graduation in 1871, is still in practice. Dr. Briggs
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medicine at the age of twenl)'-one years, in the Eastern
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pure, according to the severity of the inflammation. This is to
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immediate relief to pain, often averts threatened inflammation,
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that other than ex post facto counsel must be taken with their
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the publishers for making freshly accessible, in the present admi-
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line of some parts of his character; how the greatest ending
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section of liver by same was not equally successful, being thick
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may be most hopefully looked for, after last year's prompt and
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country that pretend lo keep up with the progress of the age.
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In typical cases the men have not been struck by fragments