are the carcases of oxen dead of lung sickness (pleiu:o-pneu-
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simple rules of hygiene and right living, just as they are trained
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either sex entered it, he observed with great attention
I thought these few facts might assist some Practitioners
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at the level of the Fallopian tubes 2-2 inches, and at
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been known, however, to occur at the age of 26 years.
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course by the opaque tissue, beneath which they dip.
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sion, perhaps one-fourth inch in diameter. Through the
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Trans. Obst. Soc, London, 1887, Vol. XXIX, page 190. Ibid., 1896, Vol. XXXVIII,
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for the urethra, viz., that no case was impermeable. He
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area is distinctly hotter than the blood brought thither by the arteries.
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are acting upon the principle contained in it, by transferring
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Churchill, M. D., M. R. 1. A. ; Fellow and Professor of
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gators of animal vaccine, but the cause remained a mystery until Warlo-
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fever, a rigid muscle, and I was almost convinced and went so far as to
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which has elapsed after the bite. If the morbid phenomena occur imme-
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As to expectoration of the membrane and cure of the
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states in the preface to this edition — " Good methods of investi-
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I have had no reason to mistrust it in any case. I remember
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The special interest which the case possesses relates to the
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the patient or the nurse, if either of them are sufficiently intelli-
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arise. Such indications wall be obtained by a properly carried out
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out by the physician will succeed in every case," but then a
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gray matter of the anterior horns will be accompanied, within a
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rosy-cheeked woman, that almost blinded me this instant, is the sister of
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aoiOio»oo— «»-^LO'?>S5 — -• — — <tocO'^«D"*t<r-o»«
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he is not thoroughly acquainted, or to whom he would
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Use of Turck's gyromele. Report of cases In which HCI was
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disposition, with a tendency to be easily chilled, and subject to
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The medical evidence on the trial was to the effect, that the blow did not
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tion. They are masses of glandular hyperplasia with in-
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up in the lay element interested in these institutions, as
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with a variety of ingested substances, such excretion being the outcome
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the decks are warmed to a certain extent in winter by hot-
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