examination of stained and hardened sections confirmed the opinion

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0.1 to 0.3 per cent., scarcely ever exceeding 0.5 per cent. These figures

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1 See, for instance, Report of the Poor Law Commission, 1908, Q. 37*505,

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Serous Effusion. — Apply, frequently, small blisters. Iodide

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Description.— Neuralgia of the trifacial nerve (facial neuralgia)

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an abnormally quick pulse, great tenderness above the umbilicus,

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far as is considered necessary. The peritoneum having been

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within which its use is to be commended. He is also in favor of the

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localized in adults, while in the infant it invades almost the entire

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nated with a substance of this sort, either carbolic acid, the ou of

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arduous medical careers, leaving bright futures untrod. These,

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remarked, to be prolapse of the uterus. It was noticed at every sounding of

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and belter than this, will be the development of un-

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Dunguson's Medical Dictionary. — A review of this well known

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entiate from neurosis. Further observation and the increased

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the paralysis due to this insular sclerosis from that known as

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from thu umhilicnH. IIu wailvcd with liiH hand uii the ihi^h.and

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where within the cranial cavity may be associated with optic neuritis,