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of hyaline degeneration of the exoplasm condensed at the edges of the

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presses the commissure of the lips and carries it out

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ounces. One half to one dram each of camphor and hydrated chloral

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sulphur to this electuary but as soon as its operation has been

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muscles succumb first. Krause fell into a self contradiction when inter

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observe what agrees with them and regulate themselves


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in the treatment of tabetic crises of pain. The solution employed

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or mountain regions. The water of the air has already

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burst through the nose or ear or be evacuated by trepanation

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physician who first described it in whose family it existed for five generations.

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material with the serum of cats which had recovered

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body of an elderly lady who died of this difeafe March

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development of childhood and that they confine tlieir solicitude mucli

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These patients all became well and strong even with

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Or half to one teaspoonful of hydrangea two or three times a

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and evaluation of ethiodized oil emulsion for intravenous hepatography.

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tests for steapsin and amylopsin are better made at

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inward over the tongue for about a quarter of an inch

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with boiled water. In very mild weather with high temperature

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prescriptions brought to him. He himself could recall two or three

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eruption but simply a local one at the point of inoculation. The

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and depression of spirits. The pulse is generally weak and may be

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from the knee to the foot confined in a horizontal posi

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irrevocably gone when the ophthalmologist first saw the patient. In military

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placement of the cord and which they were powerless to

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may be easily fulfilled at all seasons or we might use the

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Symptoms. In bow legs the lower limbs are bent outward in

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Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine

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Ferro Phosphorated Wine of Wild Cherry Bar It. Each fluid drachm contains twentyvfeve

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inal cavity. The parts are irrigated with hot water dried

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portion of nerve or nerve centre in a state of irritation has

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inspector is too large at the present time. Efforts should

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We have proof that a considerable part of the urobilinogen daily

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cheesy looking detritus were removed. These were removed

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turn the odds against ultimate recovery. The same may be said of a

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drawn a little inwards a pin was introduced through the tissues

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The dominating principle in modern quarantine is that it must be