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fessors of the University of Maryland appointed by the board of trustees

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canal such as atrophic and hypertrophic rhinitis stomatitis

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cases of pellagra there was no ill effect resulting to the

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better assistants nor better instruments but his patients had

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descent of the cervix was the determining factor. The

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through the author s work. Altogether Dr. Sutherland has set down

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enlarged prostate. The contagious variety is caused by a certain

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tion of Freud s method of pyscho analysis next to indi

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left but I cannot make out that there are any evident

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or in water or in gelatin capsules. or. with balsam of tolu

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cians not only more readily to detect these diseases

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sent an invitation to the International Medical Congress

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present in the pelvic inflammatory troubles of women

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nerve. The thenar eminence presented a scooped out

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decided that in their judgments the purity and dignity of the

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it seems quite probable that a diminution of the inclination to cough

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of the oviduct and the muscular walls varies according to

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vesicles were found to be insensitive and apparently

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gation that they are curious rather than profitable.

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physical fatigue but taxing his mental and physical

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paroxysms of chill high fever and sweating. The onset of the disease

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difference to the prolonged and exhaustmg fasts of the Greek Church.

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