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to the cranial cavity as first suggested by Gifford

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ative to the State and County Medical Societies of the State

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and highly contagious and one very difficult to eradicate.

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Aural syphilis by Mr. C. Ernest West and syphilis in the

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ment are grouped together in the cord irrespective of their origin from

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The effect of overcrowding varies considerably with the climate

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duced into the Peritoneal Cavity. Schwarz of Halle

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impaired or lost but in some cases it is preserved. Dyspeptic ailments are

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Melancholia of a mild type may be mistaken. The mental depression

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provided. Extensive clinical tests at the Bellevue Hospital in New York demon

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fully and by such use not only produced no constitutional

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face of science of the unanimous opinion of the hundred

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Of Leicestershire England came to Canada and settled

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room should be regarded as infected and nothing should

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