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elements arising from incomplete assimilation. Oxalic acid is a

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Her mother and her grandmother suffered greatly froru

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There is far less danger of prolapse of the vitreous. The site of

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died of beriberi. It was found that the disease could be produced

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changed from the larynx to the pharynx and was swallowed.

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demics. The range of variation is between and per cent. The aver

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be divided into sections. I can look back now and see other cases

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meantime to prevent the spread of the contagion or to sup

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the same time the only proved means of combating the miseries and

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ulceration has set in an expectant treatment is. the best for it seems

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of peritonitis witli clinical illustrations would give

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in the way of necessary reform. In fact we believe if

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centres of population each section to be supervised by a proper health

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appear before it present their accusations and defense. Let the case

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and later lie closely together forming the bundles of fibres

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The dilatation was in the outer extremity and being

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indicated by symptoms during life may sometimes be passed

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weakness already exists an irfusion of digitalis is used

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The muscular rigidity which may occur in rachitis may be mistaken.

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mencement of paracentesis it often returns at the end.

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Since individuals who develop this problem are often dedi

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of a mature intra uteriue child are so many and so great

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The symptoms referable to the digestive system are frequently due to co

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Suprapubic cystostomy was done and when the bladdei

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To the physician in active practice the conciseness of the present

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mittee has brought its labors to a close the excitement

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when it falls a permanent pit. Gregory never saw a pit left.

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if it fails to reveal sinus disease it is still a prophylactic measure

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The early and severe rigors were more like those that char

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seems to have produced Intermittent over the country especially

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in the cerebral circulation both thyroid arteries take their origin

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severe bodily drain incident to tuberculosis whose vitality is lowered

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of the secretory apparatus ending in an evacuatory elimination from some

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Miller of New York City Verminous Bronchitis in Dogs by Dr.

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Of the many vaguely sonorous titles employed in medicine

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in daily washing of the head with soap and hot water

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may affect reflex action. Disease affecting special por

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broader crucible and that wherein the copper ftuck inverted into the

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in her stall with eyes shut and staggering from side to side.

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tions of the organs of the human body. Its date is over