of diet. When abnormal fermentation is already going

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spec actionSj as abscess and the like are superadded.

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this plan of treatment to the students Mr. Walton pointed out

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under cocaine if all the fragments were not removed at

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slow pulse except in collapsed cases intense cyanosis

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from general and extensive dilatation of the bronchial tubes

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At the recent meeting of the German Gynecological Society Fritsch

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This plan of marking is especially important in per

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disease and health in view of the multitudinous forms in which it

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followed by an acute illness of two weeks duration

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ment. Exceptionally the disease runs a rapid course. In these cases bronsing

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and even irregular and that it improves in strength and be

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occupies sixty odd pages in elaborating this thesis.

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and patients do not say the condition has existed for

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the following signs occur viz. prolonged expiration

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their staining reaction and morphological characteristics I as

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heart s action becomes gradually retarded. A medium excita

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doixniati.e on any subject but communicated his extensive

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aneurismal sac had become obliterated. Careful inspection however of the

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mends this treatment in his recent work and claims to have gotten

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of occupation and devices to detect poisonous and explosive gases. The

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as witf these patients and where many glands are inflamed

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graduates of the Michigan University while with the same breath

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will serve him as a guide in practice. It wisely refrains from any

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entirely and the hearing may be worse after the first treatment with the

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old Blanques has the nerve to join with us young folks until he

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Section gives the Medical Societies power to examine all stu

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The laboratories are open during the collegiate year for

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teresting feature of the law is that which makes it

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toms referable to loss or impairment of function concern the external

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were prepared all sanitary infoi mation collected and

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cervical and dorsal spine. The wave current applied to the

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along the lumbar region would affect the bladder. An inhibitory effect would

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gling sensation in the skin. He had previously taken arsenic mercury warm

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Medical Staff Corps are present and will give such orders

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may be unilateral or bilateral. Present or absent they are more common in