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and anterior section still retained their transparency.
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The cannula being inserted into the cavity of the uterus the stilette is
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secretion of sugar the products of which not excreted like the
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carried out in sixteen cases where Dr. J. Mcintosh
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colorless and copious. She had suffered from girlhood with neurasthenia
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called upon to examine persons supposed to be suffering
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material thus collected in addition of course to the continued
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for a radiograph sometimes might destroy the life of the
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Sir William charges the Senate with the misapplication of the
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great importance that a patient who is to be operated
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then by means of our method of duodenal intubation the entrance
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of the convulsion had ceased showed leucocytes with per
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tained in pure culture from the mastoid cells the sig
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cardiac hypertrophy arterial sclerosis and nephritis.. This last is
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infusion produced an irritating effect on the digestive
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programs all in the effort to attract more physicians to the active Army.