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injure either a spider or blackbeetle. When speaking of the cause

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point. Some writers contend that typhoid fever confines itself

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light of the findings of Baumann Oswald Roos and the authors viz.

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indeed being universally felt that Physiology should no longer

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X ray pictures. It is essential that the x ray pic

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tor that he was looking for and what additional proofs

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anything eflfective to do about hypertrophic arthritis.

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istering chloroform by a specially arranged nose bag and performed the

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observations relative to the life history of the organism. These

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cent. After the patient received his admission treat

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circulating through the blood from which at every op

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absence of exocardial murmurs in consequence of the

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The existence of cases of Addison s disease without obvious

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statistics said Huguier we repel it in a maimer almost abso

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fistula are opened by the knife instead of the cau

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which the practisers of that art were compelled to perform

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Report is wide spread that abortion feticide infanticide the murder

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plexus and gives off the inferior cardiac nerve to car

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up of the cells from organic regions externally situated.

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distributing artery the aorta and its branches and the return

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tarded evacuation or complete stoppage of the bowel.

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menses were absent and were replaced during the same period by a

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especially constructed for the purpose. A silver speculum

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preparations of mercury are also recommended e.g. liquor hydrargyri

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Sanitarium showed that the results of treatment of pay

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one was justified in saying that when one found that an abnormal individual

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arated the nerve endings invited infection increased post

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soft and porous. Then it was but a sponge to absorb

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before the second one year ago. For three months had

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the larynx producing in the first organ sclerotitis in the second

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on fractured thighs should not be more hazardous than

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days until August st. Barometric pressure did not influence the deposit of

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