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pain commences in the mid sternal region goes down the right arm

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rash is several weeks desquamation then takes place leaving the skin thickened

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tific experiments made by the bureau show beyond question that the

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might observe that the cost of drill in the district schools to

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nipple from whicli tlie act of sucicling ia rendered difficult and in aome

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associated with psychical and motor disturbances finally leading to dementia

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explicable in this way and there is little probability

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interfere with the nourishment of the flap. If there is a tendency for

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the States of New York and New Jersey Michigan and Ohio

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we have sufficient knowledge to guide our preventive measures with

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Alfred Howell Atkin Birmingham John Gordon M Candlish Leeds John Dale

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in addition to prescribing physiological exercises and

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binder is unpinned a window cut in the adhesive strips

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clothes and to currents of cool air when sweating must be carefully

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The Directors of the Congress Dr. Heine and Professor

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sometimes involves the sheaths of the tendons and produces great enlargement

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testimonials from respousible persons as to character.

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leg upon the thigh I am stretching the quadriceps extensor muscle.

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conducts the sewage to a gravel filter bed from which the strained

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to tests which should therefore be undertaken under the same

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one of the most curious documents which he has left us.

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lective investigation made by the Therapeutic Section of

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creasing obscurity of vision which was now so great that I

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escaping illuminating gas or to the effects of incomplete combustion about

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A little further with regard to the third nerve and its connection with