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ated that slight risk which always attends general anesthe
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stated. Whenever such misfortunes occur employ the arnica lotion.
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but useful if properly cooked. Often great benefit is
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Blumenbach details the case of a young man eighteen v
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of tuberculosis by means of induced pneumothorax with a few
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to the study of the modifications produced on diseases by sex
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plastic Resection. Riegner Deutsche ntedicin. Woch
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trocar affords an exit to the fluid. You recollect that I have often
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all the operators iu the diflferent departments of medicine as useful
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for life and is therefore awarded heavy damages. If the case be
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anywhere in the body either macroscopically or microscopically.
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of which Dr. Barry was a dignitary and they were lay members arose
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of antitoxin in many cases in which it would other
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ing general. But this is only the first step in its
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to four millimetres according to the weight of the child.
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period of hospitalization was unduly prolonged and replacement personnel
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in the best condition for recovery there are two methods
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Therapeutic Briefs Medical News Items and Clinical Notes on Medicine and Surgery.
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was beloved by his patients and by the friends who knew him
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we have difficulties with the facts of scarcity. We are
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between a syphilitic ancestry and a tubercular progeny then