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chronic disturbances as well as acute pathological conditions.
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within the last twenty years he would have no occa
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tissues. The gas bacillus was not recovered on smears from the exudate
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just as occurs in the ulceration of Peyer s patches in typhoid
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perature of the part this being particularly useful when the vascular
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dislocated backward. One method described is to place the knee in the bend
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Dr. Fred. Le Maitre Grasett is the son of the much revered
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were present will recall his condition at that time.
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tory centre. It causes clonic convulsions of spinal origin. It
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At the autopsy a very extensive softening was found in the
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talizations in alcohol and filtration through animal charcoal. The
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A few inaccuracies of nomenclature as deep perineal nerve on
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rise to an abnormal development of the thorax by affecting the sternal
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when properly regulated. The teams that bring milk and cream to
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tumour fall within the limits of the effective rays and with
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Society it is necessary to possess a diploma of M.D. or of
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no abnormalities. The only significant blood change is a
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two thirds combined with alkalies and in part about
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showed themselves by the dispersion of the pathological
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witness my experiments. As the result Messrs. Busk and
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one. Moreover he has emphasized that the carrying of the infec
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dation but as that gentleman firft produced confiderable effedts by this
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for their duration is but ephemeral or as the result of scratching
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ing leeches for medicinal purposes it is therefore necessary to wash the
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respu ations and the like. If these accidental circum
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matter how that difficult task may be accomplished
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a clear distinction should be made between the two
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Dr. Baldwin of the Committee read a report to His Excellency
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centres which Mr. Lockhart Clarke has shown to exist in this
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pronounced pathological lesions in the near future
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consideration as there is no means more generally used and more
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an efficient deodorizer and antiseptic and in addition
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tending to produce the disease. Some cases doubtless are due to the cause