retina.^ Of a large number of cases of mania, for example, of

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wound was closed by the interrupted suture, the points being sufficieiuly

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through the senses ; and b, with other organs of the body by the

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The author details a case in which this method of operating was adopted with

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world, not exceeded in mortality by the Black Death of the 14th century, — I say,

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the patients could be made follow the directions given.

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as to force and frequency. No cough. Percussion dull over the lower and

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market various patent artificial ear-drums exploited by

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controlled by sympathetic nerve ganglia in the heart

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choked-up tubules. On this principle he gives copious draughts

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him, though labouring under irritation. In one case where the stone was

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Howard Marsh. — After pointing out. the injurious effect of

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*^ The pain gradually subsided, and after an opiate at night ceased,

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Under certain circumstances it is possible to even identify

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Black Sea, there was a sudden outbreak on the ni^ht of the 31st

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vourable symptom, and up to the present time (January 1841) has remained

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Injurious Influence of Nitrate of Silver in Tabes DorsaUs. —

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own especial one. The Paillon, and other streams^ often nearly

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cholera, yielding a proportion of nearly 1 in 26 inhabitants, occurred. This

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facial herpes preceding or accompanying an acute indi-

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"A strong, healthy, and corpulent woman, about forty years old, had already

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said that- dust alone, without bacteria, can produce pneu-J

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ciated by practical men. The oppression of a mass of crude and undigested

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weeks' standing), which was said to have followed a quarrel in which

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Corrigenda. — The case of poisoning of the fcEtus in utero, quoted from the

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should never have an arch prop applied) , flat-foot, or some

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known, and accoucheurs saw the splendid conquests of modern surgical art in

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comparatively rare to find this sympathetic affection succeeding an

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capillary vessels of the cerebral membranes were injected. The spinal cord opposite

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Dr. Jackson has repeatedly called our attention to the frequency