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tissues. Such efforts should be intermittent, prefer-
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seeing active service of six months he states he has " vertigo and
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force. A large number of cases of that character had
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malignant tumors to innocent growths, limits their spreading
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These are the measures to be pursued until it is decided whether the
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affection, &nd\)Ofo of all deaths from inflammali<in of the
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ly yielded to the internal exhibition of the remedy, in wl&h the «ofi8*
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feeding should be adopted, but where there is much cardiac dilatation, or the
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willing to submit himself to a fasting experiment. From the
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tion of the blood, and of the sources of the nor^mal
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and its muscles and the outer three quarters of the clavicle, the
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to retire from the Chancellorship of the University of Edin-
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but it ceases to have special value for practical func-
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From a slight accidental abrasion, granulations now shot out, bleeding freely
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First Annual Announcement of the Medical Department of the University of
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under lavage, dieting, and massage should be subjected to operation.
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of the Rontgen rays as with other factors, the action of which, if too long
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When I saw her, it was with great difficulty I could make her
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examining cases at the Vanderbilt Clinic, and added his
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The extremists insist in such cases on depressing the
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Stansfeld proposes to continue them under the name of Ur/iaii,
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Diabetes in Pregnancy.— Dr. Gaspae Gkiswold referred
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foundly melancholic, thinking herself abandoned by everybody. A
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the malformation. Labor was natural. Beside this, she has had two
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thrown. One thought formerly, these to be quite insignificant,
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compared them with the original, to ascertain whether
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return to basics of what medicine is all about— that is, the
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tion. Occasionally it is profuse, and then should be promptly checked,
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made to communicate with one another by any other means than this.
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in medicine. And, as the virtue of medicine comes from God, the
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Something ought to be done ; the midwives ought to be instructed, and
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no movement of joints. The articulations are left at rest, and