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Alleged Insanitary Post 0/ffces.— Mr. A. MORLEY, in reply to Mr Graham

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W. R. S.— (1) The medical officer of health would be failing in his duty if

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H. H. Cheeseman, Westminster Hospital; F. W. Chesna', c, St.

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said that her mother had not looked so well for some years ;

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Hospital ; F. S. Hunter, Mason College, Birmiogham ; H. J. Hunter,

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year, which seemed contrary to the conditions of service.

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A.M. to 5 P.M. Members can have their letters addressed to

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one of the founders of the Riga Poets' Association, aged 83 ;

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Lord Kimberley said he did not think that if the War

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F. Swinford Edwards, F.R.C.S., President, in the Chair.

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vision for voluntary and compulsory therapeutic seclusion

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be properly represented to the present head of the medical department,

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Strong, Physician to the Massachusetts General Hospital,

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