F.R C.S., Surgical Registrar of University College Hos-

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superior to olive or almond oil. It may seem difficult to reconcile the great

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conclusions, but presents in his report the more important

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struction a deadness of tone added to the imperfect pro-

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point of entrance may be determined by drawing a line connecting the

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fits, are found .'every where proclaiming ihe unspeakable gift, and

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became of common occurrence. In the intervals he seemed well at first,

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Dogs were used in making the tests, and in each case

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ferment and determines the coagulation. In the disease before

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year of life, the youngest being six months old. All were in females, and in all

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and observes that the true danger to society arises from the

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of the errors which with the old apparatus were due to the irregular coloring of the

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thrombosed. Several smaller veins are found embedded in

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on Nov. 1 1, at nine a. m. She was then very pale and weak, with

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cination would give immunity to dogs as well as humans

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fracture du femur (27 )oiirs), Gaz. hebd. d. sc. m6d. de

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3. Sponge may be used instead of the finger without fear of pro-

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the Legislature to induce them to adopt some kind of a

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of general septic peritonitis as soon as the diagnosis is made.

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discretion, generous hospitality and gooil judgment, which have njade

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a physician gives an opiate prescription, and thinks he

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by the presence of marked cyanosis. These three measures, if

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to point to the presence of degeneration of the lung-

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of guinea pigs infected with S. cruzi, parasites could not be found, but by having

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and passed at right angles to the surface. It will be

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toms venerable only by antiquity; one inclmed to make the most of the

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ung. hydrarg. ; 1 mo. after great improvement ; hearing as before ; smell natural. V.a. '■

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the science of saving and prolonging life should be intelli-

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