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The different courses of lectures in the School of Physic in Ireland
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The epidemic continues to make very marked progress in the city.
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by many smaller apertures for the transmission of blood-vessels and of
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The shoulder-pain varies with the affection of the liver in intensity ;
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derland ; Dr. Trotter of Morpeth, physician to the navy, and author of
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Dr. Hayden, and Dr. Cryan ; Surgery, Mr. Tyrrell; Medicine, Dr.
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A'civ Member. — James Lodge Wilson, Esq., was elected a Member of
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disease, as the views of the conjoint Committee. The speaker said
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admitted to the final Examination, will be required to produce a Certi-
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to its manner— \z tone and taste— I will merely say that I hope in my
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establish the head dressing-stations (ambulances) in a tent, or, if
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ribs broken. Camberwell House, Candali : broken rib. The attendant
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be done, and what need not be attempted at present.
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