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tee be reimbursed for the outlay. It was also voted that the,
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course it is less liable to injury than the external popliteal, and its
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the rectum to about the level of the fourth sacral vertebra poste-
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operation. This held true for the most prominent clinics as well as
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epiglottis. The eruption gained the posterior wall of the pharynx and
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Councillors Elson, C. C. Hodgins and S. P. Grigg, Mr. Chas.
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which had the highest interest for all whose proper study
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there. Very important points for differentiating right- and left-sided valvular
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tion breaks out, with redness of face and great anxiety.
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heritage of history, literature, and science. They were
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to issue a translation of his article apart from this series. AVhile I
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the atmosphere of the apartment can be thoroughly saturated with the
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boiling water and thoroughly dissolve, then pour it into
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wheals, artificial hives, technically called "factitious urticaria."
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dum, genitive chlorid-i, of chloride ; mite, genitive mit-is, of
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to me to be almost exactly comparable with that of speaking, and indeed
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patient could see to thread a needle, using only the formerly
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be addressed to the Secretary of the Society, 17, Rue Beranger,
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" One whom you might sculp for Philadelphia, my dear R. A., but
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proved by his two separate attempts to be re-admitted when he felt
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voted considerable time to the pursuit of angling, and became
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In conclusion, I would earnestly ask tlie gentlemen wlio have
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with any external manifestations at all has a physiognomy
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early education in Padua, and studied anatomy under Fal-
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BurtOrif Psrsons & CjO.^ Inc. Manufacturers of Ethicof Pharmaceuticals Since 1885
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has been devised so that it will be possible to clear and
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d. clin., Napoli, 1884, i, 242.— ten HaafT (G.) Geneeziug
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or a cold douche ; and both primary infections and relapses not rarely
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siderable itching, and the child was much pulled down by the
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know this practice to be in vogue in some schools in this and
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risk. 6. That great care should be taken in feeding the
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triangular wound where the awl had penetrated. Any active
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and the digestive function is equitably inaugurated and
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bronchial tubes are attacked at once without any affection of the air-pas-
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was the drug used in addition to the chloroform, and in both cases the convulsions
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healthy and morbid. You can not show us a new advance in any
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Many recent reports are unfavorable to the new tuberculin, for