sediment, and as no proofs of contamination could be obtained by
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able portion being then carefully detached, was examined under a
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toxic effect. Thinking the prolonged stay in the incubator might
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and colour. The vessels of the retina were much contracted, and at the outer
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never equable in temperature, are more apt to be regular in their heat
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and when the pulsation varies from 140 to 160, the foetus will likely
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temperate man, he had been accustomed to take a certain quantity
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Tait,' indeed, says that he "assisted to kill " a patient with innomi-
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carbol-fuchsin as counterstain were used in studying the smears.
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and washed organs (lung, liver, kidney, and spleen) which were allowed to undergo
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enlarged. An icterus was always present. Enlargement of the
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Two days later the finger was swollen and discharging a foul pus. He was admitted
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the digitalis or squill combination in croup. I am not aware that
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measured out and mixed, and allowed to stand at room tempera-
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bacillus closely resembling the paratyphoid bacillus.
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occasion. She had begun her usual period on the 19th, and nothing
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in fact, we had to deal with two perfectly separate and distinct
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that some means could be devised for measuring the small quan-
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tenanced its employment in this lesion. Fothergill and Morrison,
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Edition, in five volumes, with Illustrations. Vol. II. — Local
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different occupants and purposes, which can only be done by the
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snake than on an innocent one. A bungarus fasciatus, about six
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hsemorrhoidal veins and those of the uterus and its appendages,
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The mere wincing of an animal under the knife so little requires
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casein, and let it drain on very fine muslin, using no pressure. Remove
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lower ends of these rods pass down to join the leg-piece. Two
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toms of strangulation were well marked, I cut down upon the swell-
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volving the ankle-joint, tibia, astragalus, and os calcis. The disease,
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action on the bloodvessels. He could confirm all that Herr Bar-
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sensitized with horse lens would react with extracts from the lens of the ox but would
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even when warm, are succeeded by cool evenings, which, to most people,
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other primary affections of the pelvis of the kidney, such as stone, and
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all instruments were discarded, and he thought there was no ap-
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were absorbed by the large intestine, yet, on the contrary, H. J.
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a large loose clot. The liver was friable, yellow, apparently in the
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the profession may perhaps think that I am not uselessly occupying
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more often than it ought for want of proper treatment. The diag-
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not wholly understood. [Cushny says that it increases blood pressure.
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two brothers are living. One brother is in delicate health. Two
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7. Baly recognises that, beyond all other conceptions of its rela-