CLASS OFFICERS— Sf.//f^.- Sara Lynn Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer; Nancy O'Neal, Historian; Earnest Stines Preside
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of the "team." We too found that all men dressed in
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nent at five months. A second pregnancy followed two years later, and
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1 On March 11, 1897, tne patient presented himself with renal fistula reopened. The pelvis
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ration or an aggravation of the symptoms, according as one or another
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4. The Use of Internal Aluminum Splints in the Treat-
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loins under careful antisepsis. In two cases steady defervescence took place
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stretched downw^ard and the gastric branches of the
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views in regard to the problems of heredity, the much-discussed theories
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In tracheotomies the powder is strewn over the inner surface of the trachea,
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S. The Quantitative Proportion of Diastasis in the Hu-
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the serum he believes surgery would not bring about
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The placenta was retained and a very foul discharge resulted. She was
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Fellow of Kings College, London. Fourtb. edition. Reconstructed,
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199. There were 10 deaths from sunstroke, 22 suicides, 6
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tends to compress it antero-posteriorly, and to cause a bulging of the trans-
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Physical examination : The e.xaniination of heart, lungs,
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to declare a disease idiopathic is only a subterfuge
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at aa early date after the needful long sleep has been obtained, and should be
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fessor Robert Saundby, ]\I. D., was chosen as presi-
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the member representing psediatrics. Valuable sugges-
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Increased amounts of free hydrochloric acid were found by Riegel,
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nal. Our readers are asked to suggest topics for dis-
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Russia — Voroncscli, government .. .1 luic 26-July 2 i 4
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maticity resides in its plain muscle tissue or in its
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F<amily history negati\e as to epilepsy, insanity, or alco-
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muscle spasm with norvasc or coversyl
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Safford, M. Victor, Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted
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