Dr. Anstie said he thought the registration of disease was a pro-

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As our knowledge of disease increases, so does also the demand for

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applaine\ ; and therefore he begged to withdraw the resolution for the

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quately test the proficiency of the Candidate ; and that they should be

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provide for such an alteration in the constitution of the Council as to

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mental power quickened, and the heart strengthened for struggles.

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his patient was able to leave her bed under three days. Dr. Keiller

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Navy unless he can produce satisfactory evidence that his name has

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sist. The head was referred to as the seat of the pain.

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going for a year or two, when further anxiety laid me low again, and the amount

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Mauns.— On August 27th, at Cradley, the wife of *E. Malins, M.D., of a son.

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dulness on percussion. Sibilant r'lles were heard over both lungs. The

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nage so terrible as that of Sedan, added to the losses in previous en-

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opinion as to the nature of the tumour from the model exhibited ; but,

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lady's home. For five years at least (I think for a longer period) these

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but also promote a secondary astringent effect by the tannic acid in the rhubarb,

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broad principles. It is very mistaken and very mischievous to think

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the operation. If he had only heard the paper two years ago, when

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bone, thus preventing the saw from getting out of the track.

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fleshy lump, with cartilage in and beneath its substance, just below and

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have been ; for I have observed that very little good ever comes of it,

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It was shown that the only two real disadvantages alleged against the

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on or before the ist of June, or the 1st of September, notice of his in-

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good. He suffered absolutely nothing. He was twenty-two years of

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first demonstrated by Schrceder van der Kolk and admirably illus-

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the former of whom will take charge of Practical Chemistr)-. A Lec-

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pyreumatic and irritant character which often make coifee more especi-

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and this Association to witness that not one man had got up there that

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press the important lesson not to remove the clamp too early. In this

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buying the lease, furniture, etc., would be about ;f 5,000, and he pro-

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J. P. Jackson, and E. Sainsbuiy received honours in botany ; and

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M. Reverdin from the profession for the boon which he had confeiTed

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—the last named residing in the hospital itself. In the l)eginning of