destroy the individual before leukocytosis appears, [e.l.]
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of the water, was regarded by some as a very strong proof that she had
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which the sulphurous oxide may unite. The water may be evaporated
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should avail itself of this assistance. Surely, there are no technical
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dry lint pressed down upon them, all of which was removed when
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nearly all the inflammation so common in children being due to
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continued until 1 7 1 2, when Francesco Torti is said to have shown that it
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its remarkably low mortality despite the severity of the symptoms, except
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In order to be able to consider an acute exanthem as an indepen-
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regimen and to the use of anliphlogistics, diet, repose^
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side. There were no local lesions to account for these bu-
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6. Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., Sec. Obstet. & Gyne., Vol. 11, pt. 2,
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their passage is generally more readily and speedily effected than that (A
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fibrinous pleurisy as though it were liable to end in purulent
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Dating from that period up to the present, he has had four attacks of retention
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of color at all, or, in other words, color-blindness.
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Lethargic Encephalitis: Aids to Diagnosis.— In the Journal of
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