sc. iu6d. de Montpel., 1889, xi, .52; C5; 73; 92 ; 97; 109; 121.—

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If the animal does not die of toxemia before the end

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by fire on October 14, the work of the Institution has gone

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interaction between eldepryl and demerol

following is a very instructive history to those who wish to think a

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we have begun to neglect the information we obtained a few years ago

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deed, from the richest to the poorest the selection and prepara-

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disease appears suddenly in most cases, although it may be preceded by a

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or until all the mercury has been dissipated from the old sur-

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medical intervention, about possible expected behaviors of a

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cate with the operating-room. The preparation, anesthesia,

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held to the wall of the latter save by 2 or 3 protoplasmic

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will be sufficient to fumigate it with burning sulphur, and then to air it

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warranted in undertaking it. — The Lancet, July 28,

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inflammation and suppuration of the glands of the neek, may occnrcvly

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be brought about by the expulsion of the Microfilariae from the

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obstruct its valves. When blood has been at rest for a considerable

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Scrofula shows itself in hard, indolent tumours of the glands in

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he does harm to a patient while intoxicated, and he can

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root of the yearning of all civilized nations for such sub-

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indications, I will refer my readers to the article pub-

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the cause of a vast amount of disease, crime, and misery in all civilized

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: with a view to the extension of medical knowledge and to

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upwards over the margin of the orbit, but not strictly along the supra-

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in the second place the surgeons promised too much from opera-

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toration, but, according to the patient, neither fever nor night sweats were

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36. Folin and Denis : Jour. Biol. Chem., 1916, 26, 473.

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the ailment, without involving a tlieory which yet remains to be

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abstract principle of association — some nwcfetu, s around which we may

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the use of streptococci of proved immunizing power.

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new sterilizers, and improving their methods in every way. I think

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over, to be repeated in a few hours or days or weeks. For some time after

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years on the Thomsonian System, and fully convinced

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the windlass with the thumb while we close the cir-

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in another. The same writer mentions a case of chronic fatty

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tion ensues, and inflammation, disorganization or exhaustion

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Dr. Pyne, one assessment due, accidentally omitted last year. . . 2 00

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because, by reason of the suddenness of the process, life was

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to indicate the various metliods by which they may severally be reheved.

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infected woman improve during pregnancy, and after delivery die very

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