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abdomen, lesions of the kidneys, and also hypertrophy of the
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Association was 701. The exclusion of Irish and Scotch
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Surgeon-Capt.ain E. A. W. Hall, officiating Civil Surgeon of Sarum, is
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results of the "sciences of observation" with those of the
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calcareous degeneration of arteries. There was marked
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M. Carteighe, President of the Pharmaceutical Society of
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nuclear matrix. Zacharias states that these consist of a shell
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operation no disease was discovered in the bladder, nor any
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culty in making their salaries satisfy the natui-al demands of
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of the points that Pekelharing has further investigated. He
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former occasions. On the whole, therefore, there is no
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new medical department. The members of the facultie.s that
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trable qualification in sanitary science. All this marked a
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Winter, and Seven and Nine in the Summer, some sober Per-
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Previous to this, however, Kossel, to whom we owe a vast
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there was usually no bleeding at all. If bleeding occurred
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and Santa Fedi Bogota, in New Granada, 8,648 feet, about five
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Costelloe, London ; Dr. T. E. Constant, Scarborough; Mr. C. E. Cassal,
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nostra qualiacumque, sed ipsius opera insignia, ipsius dis-
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were under treatment at the beginning of last week. A few
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matter up at the request of the Chairman of the Parliamentary Bills
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ternal auditory meatus and the Eustachian tube. The
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practitioner, and to this letter a reply in the aflirmative was given. It
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the brain was normal in appearance, except some general
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multiplication after the death of the'other elements. Professor
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Commons last week by Mr. Fowler, met with a reof^ption
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interior of continents the range in mountainous districts
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holme r. Tait was read. At Mr. Tait's request, the Council consented to