Report at once to your physician if any of the following symptoms

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questionnaire on the Physicians and Surgeons Information Exchange.

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impairs the nutritional processes. This impairment of nutrition is

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about two hours after her delivery she died. The stomach in

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accompanied by other spasm than diaphragmatic took its place

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ments of respiration and by external pressure. It is only when

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in water. He further tested the potency of this com

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pure and therefore all artificially prepared is best.

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them downward and inward pull out the trocar and leave

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of these glycoproteins to allow immuniziation of rabbits or goats and thereby

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demonstrated in the past and unless we learned the les

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symptoms or signs pointing to ulceration of the bowel is amply proved

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vitate in water as well as a folid body fuch as is wax.

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nize objects by palpation yet later observations tend

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the left breast of some six months duration. The general

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tice and the mystic rites which the author describes. From the time

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de pages appr cier des oeuvres et un talent suflisamment

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to make on tlie general subject but would draw attention to

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the value of the iodide of potassium. No one remedy

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In some instances there is more blood in the minute vessels and

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ments upon animals have shown that it resides in the

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is impossible an artificial anus should be established.

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diac ganglia and paralyze the inhibitory pneumogastric

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the matter. It is well known tliat the Board of Edu

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animals and clinical cases. The blood was transferred from the

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ble lymph abundant. The caecum and ascending colon were

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varying quantity in different parts of Canada. For instance

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remarked that the swelling varied in rapidity and severity with

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Some of the principal causes usually assigned for Amer

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Water supply qualitative examination where suspected Kind and

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and there may be differences in these two particulars in the

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in the supply of oxygen usually adds to their size.

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The African mail steamer Armenian which has arrived at

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mine the side involved since both cavities would then lie over each other.

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say Take your own line and choose your ovm. friends but

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ourselves upon their protection the better for our jjro

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die scalini with every inspiration Frequently and chiefly in the in

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the failure of uterine contraction and the concealed