Indicated In Dysmenorrhea, excessive Leucorrhea, Menorrhagia, Threatened Abortion and
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Pi8 blobep pleppan • J?onne eallum mannum ay peo-
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eye is deprived of the greater part of. its natural protection and,
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the tendon of the triceps, or of the biceps, or the bones at the elbow, or
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Treatment, Puncture of the abscess inside the nose, plugging
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contents is very important. In gastric ulcer, erosion,
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tenmned to apply cups, first to the loins and afterwards to
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the head." " Fits of epilepsy and convulsive hysteria are immediately
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disease favourably, and appeared quite free from danger on the sixteenth
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Hanley, Whitehall, representative to the educational
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such society, requiring him or her witliin sixty days
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the patient's clavicles. Peterson had seen the peroneal
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ulcer usually begins in a solitary follicle or Peyer's patch, although it
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June IWi. — 10 A. M. Pressure has been steadily continued ; patient showed
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laryngitis the attack is sudden, no exudation, with or
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graphic variations in fees and the Commission ’ s proposal for
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the alimentary canal show numbers of the small unstained bodies which
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medulla-cells, and minute embryonic nuclei. The vessels were remark-
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from the students of the Senior class in Rush Medical College. The occupants of
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increase the strength, permitting the subject to close his eyes and then
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department. With its trees and shrubbery, its walks and drive-ways, it cannot
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fifty years are most plainly appreciable at a point on
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land, M. D. (Dean), Obstetrics and Gynaecology ; L. D_
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ment must begin with dilatation to secure drainage either
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gives off, before this, the myl&Jiyoid and dental branches. The
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remedies are ergot and belladonna. These remedies are advo-
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The length of the whole viscus is about two and three-quarter
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! side " much distended, very thin, and torn into strips." In Case CCCXItI,
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■as well to announce this fact, and to notice the regularity with
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developed in cultures. Differences between the acidity of human and
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flatulency, protrusion of the belly, and depression of the ute-
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self. Seven cases of inguinal hernia were operated on according to the plan
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Kingdom. Lond., 1893-4, xiv, 22-24.— Martin ((i.) Ulce-
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In the part of Dr. Bennett's work that treats of digestion, we
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Mortality was 0%. LOS: 14.8 days for LCv5 14.3daysfor
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his experiments had taught him, that corrosive sublimate
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seyerity of the pain. Action of heart tumultuous and strong.
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of considerable practical interest in a climato-therapeutical
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liver, one into the pelvic cavity behind the uterus, and one
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toxin serum produced in the United States and Canada; give the
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marjoram." True "hyssop" (Hyssopus officinalis L.) is also quite common in Asia Minor,
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performed in October, 1888, and immediately she began to gain
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motor nerve has been preceded, accompanied or followed by neuralgic