consequences. The other died, possibly, on account of

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the broad ligaments, and to this class belong most of the cases in which

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enormously thickened, and miliary tubercles and larger

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question is not likely at piefiont to bo one of any great practical im-

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single one of them contains a grain and a half of arsenic, enough to kill a child.

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the nerve structure may prove only a feeble stimulus. As a proof

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in the interest of an ignorant and deluded public, to re-

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a robust and vigorous man of his stature, with all the concomitant power,

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case in wbicli excision of the wrist was performed for

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foci of inflammation, the tissue appearing normal and presenting the

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My parents despaired that they had waited too long to

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the various physical signs. Their findings are tabulated in the order

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ration by Roux and Yersin from cultures of B. diphtheriae of a poi-

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matter to discover how a general excitant may prove

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No man, however skilful, can till the ground or cultivate the soil, and

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from the State an allowance of $1.75 per week for the care of

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able to overcome the inhibitory effect of heparin on Tdr

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A valuable purgative in the head affections of children, and in in-

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breathing was stridulous and the dyspnoja both inspira-

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and has the characters already given. Milroy's oedema is confined to the

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mt toxic agents; moreover, they are produced by putrefactive

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circumstances, induces dangerous or fatal disease, and a substitute

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the corneal epithelium can be peeled off, leaving it

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larger quantity of mercury was found in the urine than

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Furthermore, if adrenalin be dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric or in

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the affections in which it has been mostly used ; also

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handmaids of religion, and passports to immortality. In considering

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division of the fifth. In one or two cases, the vesicles followed

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Charles Bell, Bellingeri, Flourens, Magendie, Calmeil, Schiff,

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from June 29th to July loth, observed that he considered it one of the most

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end, and either an antiseptic or some form of caustic applied to

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open, the vessels running into it are abnormally large, and at its bottom, near

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using expired ondansetron

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of the tumour gave exit to a large quantity of sero-purulent fluid, with hydatid

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pens that one person goes through the same form three or four times

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it a morbid propensity to excite wonder and interest doubtless