process is analogous to that of gout, in , because the really true febrile stage of pneu-
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the greatest impression was probably the series of three lectures
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about the ninth, tenth, or eleventh day of the disease, and in
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stitched its end to the skin at the perineal incision, an opening
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paid to these symptoms, soon there is violent neuralgic pain in the head, flashes of
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OS the anomalous, cellular products in their region. " It will
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were followed throughout the whole there are many devices for fixing the
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those who have fallen, or wiU fall into phthisis, so that the true
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b(!comes vmiki-u, and the noun, omikhviit, — wliich is used as
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aortic insufficiency was found to exist post mortem. IIow is the occurrence
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Jolly [Berliner Minische Wochenschrift, 1894, No. 12, p. 281) has reported
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thus, intussusception, a nodular mass of mucus and epithelium
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may ; as a science intimately related to our strictly professional
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twitches of the muscles. These ceased after six days. On the third
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walking, and after dark we played at chess." (Do., 1849.)
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vations, a state of complete insensibility from this cause was consider-
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are to be boiled in about three spoonfuls of water and butter
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though exceptions to this general rule are frequent
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nerve) comes under the early syphilitic hemiplegia, which may supervene
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remedying the evil. As the result, jail fever is now scarcely heard
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primarily, and that the sclerosis is secondary to the . affection of the
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observation, and also to the fact that, although there may be a certain
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corrosion preparations has arrived, and the various objects have been arrang-
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on in the body — oxidation. How little of this do we know at present.
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When the rotation takes place posteriorly, the head
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possibly in some of the cases of severe toxemia in pregnancy. There
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e.xtend down tluough the skin by the side of the anus
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impotent from the disturbance of self-confidence by the failure, and
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Osteoclasis. — This operation has certainly not become
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Couipt, lend. Soc. de biol.. Par., 1892, 9. s., iv, 376-379.
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of callus, and they had apparently as good rdsults as the fully-
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received increasing attention in the medical literature since