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by mouth or sodium cacodylate hypodermically. Within one
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6. On the Elements of Transversely Striated Muscle. By C. J. Ebbbth ib.
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effect on the third, fourth, or fifty day, and by the end of a week
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nections of the optic disc and retina^ he was right.
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year, and hereditary tendency, which are equally well discussed
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fifty and sixty.'' Dropsy, which was the rule in tubal disease,
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adult. The patient walks with decided step and with both
which 1 should say of the former days, • they were better than these.' I would say
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Paul's epistle to the Corinthians is, as elsewhero, proof positive of tho innocenco
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a high degree. The; give rise to disputations, to bickerings, to discords ; and of-
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as an inevitable result of tissue metamorphosis in chorea. Present
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oilers the following remarks, which afford us a most powerful argument of the
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6. On Cephalotripsy. By 0. H. Kn>D, M.D., F.B.C.L.S., Ac., Assistant-
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in the optic nerve, the venous blood enters the cavernous sinus, thence
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Sprunt^), the patient underwent a thorough re-examination.
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out, the pupils were very dilated. About April 5th, she spoke a
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count is done we may find a well-marked primary anemia or a
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Buda, or Vienna. In the last week of August the disease, however,
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"From the age of puberty," says Hollick, " till the change of fife, Nature is con-
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have come under our notice. It must be borne in mind that symptomatio
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palpebral fissures are of medium width. Graefe, Stellwag,
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tinople, for the purpose of (a) collecting evidence respecting the
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schools, organizations, and individual workers in teaching better
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approaches, by placing the system in such condition as will leave nothing for it to
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propagated along the course of the nerve, declares that the discs
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pulse varying from 80 to 100. Sometimes the patient will not he so easily on one
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Look at the student, that exhausts the midnight oil in poring over his books, as
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overextension of joints then become merged into a vague, ill-
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diseased joint by splints and bandages ; but he argues that the
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who has fearlessly gone forth to meet consumption, bombard his forts, scatter his
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fair degree of certainty, although the patient did give a history
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Clinic of Dr. Russell L. Cecil, BeUevue Hospital, Second Medical Division
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that those medicines which stimulate the kidneys to healthy action and cause them
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Suffice it to say, that Dr. Graily Hewitt and Dr. Wright
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Is also a matter of great importance. People generally suffer more from long
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be kept in mind in aortic valvular disease in children, and even
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statement upon two series of observations he has conducted. The first
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abundant are its flowers, that our author abstains firom enume-
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a period of three years in which both the weight and the blood-
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must be adapted to the power and constitutioncd state of the