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Ulcer of the stomach is a local disease of the organ, commencing in
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" ed to the fame diftridl it fed in the year before,
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blood of birds always contains urea, but little or no uric acid, whilst the
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in the fhoulder and fore-leg of the fide affeded, at-
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significance of these bodies have not been made out.
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Treatment. — The treatment in the commoner form of the disease
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die sooner and waste more rapidly than most sufferers from carcinoma.
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associated atrophy of the gastric glands. The great tendency in cancer
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food. It is kept up by the movements of the stomach and by the
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for the last of their ill-fated line, Cleopatra, whom Shakespeare im-
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— (1) periodicity; (2) enlargement of the spleen; (3) the action of
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cioufly wifhes that all duty was taken off fea-falt iifed
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of two hours, but as regards the numerous other drugs, the so-called
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symptoms, uraemia, delirium, are all bad signs. In the algid stage, so long
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operation : but the different effe(fts which will refult
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for Osier has never seen a case, while I have come across four.
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The Faculty of Medicine of tlie University of Toronto wishes to
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is present at the third series it is reasonable to presume that some ob-
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foration of the alimentary tract, whether localised or diffuse. They must
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the treatment, but, as a rule, not of tener. Much harm may be done by per-
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an atom of nitrogen, is pyridine, a product obtained from coal tar. All
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eyelids. The initial gastro-enteritis may not have been so severe as that
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His physical examinations are models of skill and never begin
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caufe of J^menefs in the fore-part of a horfe is not
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with ordinarily good feet suffer foot strain and flat foot under
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Medicinal. — For half a century cod-liver oil has been highly esteemed as
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yet extensive damage occur before the macular region is involved and
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second as consulting surgeon to the Canadian forces in England, is
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preserve the bag of fore-waters. Should the membranes rupture pre-
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is not necessary to call forth the symptoms. An over-heated, still, impure,
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hospital. An offensive nasal discharge was the first sign in two of the