diildien, and even then only in rare caees. It is rare also for danger-
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they acted. He remembered, several years ago, the idea struck
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tlie dise;ise is found. His theory is that the disease
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tusion, or a split in the bone, or an impacted frac-
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ried over into this period. The effect is better observed by noting the
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mals having a keen sense of smell. We must suppose that from
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The ej'es are irritable, reddened, and watery. Epiphora is sometimes
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trary to the facts and opposed to the results of modern
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that the principle of its action is identical, in this case also, with
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bacteriological carriers. The infants' school subsequently also became
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of the book is safe for the practitioner, who wishes to do his whole duty
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gentlemen, who ushered them into an elegant saloon, sumptu-
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which are a constant menace to the healthful. Even a
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be noticed that the anterior tibial and the peroneal muscles are
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or his reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, also,
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pass three nights in succession in that way, almost invariably die.
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go on, with the greatest success, except through the '
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as by an injection, these conditions immediately change.
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any known physical and chemic activities. The attempt by
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are liable, was considered by the Council. Dr. T. M. Legge, of
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31orphology and Cultural Properties. — The bacilli appear as non-
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latter was usually so crippled in typhoid fever that the
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fits present a continuing source of difficulty to the
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and in Case No. 4., during the imposition of a rigid meat diet and
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valleys were forced to suffer from their goitres before ac<u-
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also minute quantities of the bromide of radium have been em-
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ness of the medical community against the onslaught
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forceps, that it may not break. It must, for the same reason,
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Golgi afhrms a rhythm in the phagocytic activity of the leuko-
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Family History. Father, who was killed in an accident, had "bony
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to insert an advertisement where it would be most likely to meet the eye of Siose
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by the physician himself, but afterwards for the subsequent
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first lesions do not consist in the formation of specific tubercles, but in
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advance, $3,50 after tbrCe meoths, and $4,00 if boC paid wlthia tlieyeu.«-£v«i7 levptlietpy^ i iM fa.
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