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in full in the discussion of the respective diseases.

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tion in the case of children. I have come to believe that with-

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versely, fever may be absent throughout the attack, and a brief post-

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the specific gravity slightly lowered. The microscopic features that

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asti7io-pericarditis," in which the mediastinal connective tissue is also, as

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tongue. When other parts of the nerve are diseased, taste is not inter-

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syphilis and chronic malaria probably are also causative factors, (g)

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detectable, but in a third group loud murmurs, quite independent of any

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cylinder conducts impulses from the cell (cellifugal), except in the case

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hyperplasia in other portions of the organ; and still more impor-

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stitutes the first stage of severer grades of the disease.

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swallow this, and it then must be poured through a stomach-tube. When

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and pure. Such patients should eat oftener than in health, taking four

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may escape from the lowest into the subarachnoid space. In less severe

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jury at birth, either instrumental or due to a malposition, as first pointed

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at times to the right, and thence to the back, neck, and down the arms

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possible, able to work, able to perform all the functions of life and

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A strictly horizontal posture and the application of ice to the pre-

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Pathology. — Carcinoma of the esophagus is primary and of an epi-

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mentioned are found present, the diagnosis of mucous enteritis is un-

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I am glad to be able to present to you Dr. George B. Rice, Presi-

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Pictorial Atlas of Skin Diseases and Syphilitic Affections

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a cold perspiration. The finger is perfectly numb, but severe neuralgic

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in.) long and the female 2 to 4 mm. (^^--g- in.). The head is pointed and

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"Fifty years ago the real specialists could be counted on the fingers

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shock, is bilateral as a rule, and does not exhibit the distinctive physical

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show post-mortem specific lesions in other viscera, and hence it is to be

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limb pass the fibers from the frontal region : in the region of the genu

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